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Jul 17, 2010

Serai Empire, Empire Shopping Gallery

It's ladies night again! Decided to have dinner with the babes, Amelia and Sharmayne at Empire Shopping Gallery yesterday. Susanna couldn't make it as she was down with fever. Get well soon dear :)

Parking was a biatch. Spent over 20 minutes going to every level but no luck. So we decided to park outside.
Settled down at Serai for dinner. 
During my visits to ESG, I always find this place packed with people. The concept is similar to Delicious. Cosy ambiance with white furniture and pretty flowers as décor.

Amelia and Sharmayne.

Yours truly who's suffering from the pain of growing wisdom tooth. Sigh.

The staffs there are friendly and the customer service is good. The lady owner there is beautiful and elegant. She really takes care of her customer and even though it's during peak dinner hours, she still attends to your requests.

Ordered our food and surprisingly it didn't take too long to come even though there's lots of people dining there.

Serai Ice Tea, RM8.50
It's my first time trying a drink made of serai. Surprising it's refreshing and the taste blends well.

Sharmayne's broccoli soup (Soup of the day)
The creamy texture makes it really yummy and it does not taste nor smell heavily of broccoli. So for those who don't really favour vegetable soup, it doesn't hurt to try this! Sharmayne said it tasted more like potatoes. 

Amelia ordered her pasta. Forgotten the name of the dish though.
More to Aglio Olio style. The herbs and sauce gave the pasta a light texture but it tasted real good!

Nasi Lemak, RM16
One of their specialities dish, they sure didn't disappoint! Accompanied with 3 pieces of average sized prawns, I wish they gave more sambal sauce :D

Pavlova, RM18.90
The cakes displayed at the counter was so attractive and Sharmayne couldn't resist but to order one. It isn't too sweet and the taste it just right. The cream and egg white, on nom nom!

Customer Service: 8/10
Ambiance: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Price: 7/10

Serai Empire is located at:
LG37, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya.


  1. Please don't ask me to read if it is food review . you make me drooling....

  2. The cake looks delicious. Yummy yummy!

  3. yup! you should try the cake if u go there :D

  4. serai drink? never hear or try before..
    wa nasi lmeak for rm 16..way too expensive for me