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Mar 12, 2011

Mars Needs Moms Premiere Screening @ E@Curve

Thanks to Churp Churp, I won tickets to watch the premiere screening of Mars Needs Moms on Wednesday! It's actually my first time winning movie tickets from Churp Churp / Nuffnang so I was pretty excited :)

Invited Amelia along since we're all pretty stressed out from Uni assignments!

(picture credits to Carmen Wong)
Meet up with the rest of the bloggers after collecting tickets.
(Back) Shii Teck, Elwyn, Shereen, Henry, Jun Fook, Jessy, Tikkoss, Chloe, Isaac and the guy whom I forgot his name (sorry!)
(Front) Cayenne, Jackie, Amelia, Me, Eli, Qi Tying, Carmen and Jayren

We had to surrender all our gadgets since it's a premiere. Was kinda worried that the phone will go missing but they are all professional people :)
We watched the movie in 3D which honestly wasn't much of a 3D movie because most parts are still sitting on the 2D direction. The 3D glasses made the setting darker so I spend most of my time squinting my eyes trying to make out the surroundings of the show. Subtitles were missing so we didn't understand what the Martians were communication in the beginning of the show, or is that the purpose...I don't know.

Other than complaints, this movie also a light hearted and funny show which you should watch! Best to watch it in 2D imo. The 3D fad which is going on in Hollywood now sometimes isn't worth the extra money you're paying for the ticket.

I love Ki and Gribble. So cute!
Of course, there are many other hilarious scenes which I shall not spoil it for you :)

Overall, I rate this movie 7/10!


  1. Wooots! Definitely watching this!

  2. the trailer seems a little unreal=awkward for me. but i haven't watched the movie yet.

  3. wa first time win tix from nuff and churp? LOL =P

  4. I need to watch this already :)