Aug 29, 2014

[Review] Ginvera Marvel White

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After attending the launch of Ginvera Marvel White, I was given their latest range of products to review and I have been using it for more than two weeks now. This latest range has active ingredients that for fairer and flawless skin. They are:

Green Tea Extra - offers excellent anti-oxidant properties that help in fighting free radicals, shield the skin from UVB radiation and deliver soothing relief for sensitive and irritated skin, hence resulting in a fairer and more radiant skin tone.

Swiss Cress Sprout & Soy Bean Extract - has exceptional whitening benefits that helps to lighten dark spots and pigmentations, reduce the effects of daytime stressors, brighten & even out skin tone, delivering visible whitening results while keeping skin perfectly moisturized.

Japanese Shiso Extract - a natural active ingredient with excellent anti-inflammatory benefits that offers soothing relief from redness and itchiness, and help to prevent formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

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1. Marvel White Zero Blackhead Marvel Gel (40ml), RM25.90
The Marvel Gel is Ginvera's star product that helps to gently get rid of blackheads effectively without pain. It removes dead skin cells to reveal a brighter and finer complexion as it helps to fade pigmentation, spots and acne scars as well. 

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Squeeze out sufficient amount to apply it onto your face. Make sure your face and neck is dry! Gently massage in circular motions until small flakes appear which is dead skin cells and dirt from the skin. Rinse of if water after that. It can be used daily or if you feel that a particular area is more problematic like the T-Zone, you can concentrate on that section more often :)

I use it every two days and I can see the dead skin cells every single time which is good as it means my skin is being exfoliated. The blackheads on my nose has not been popping out much every since I squeezed it out and used the Marvel Gel.

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2. Marvel White Complete Cleansing Foam (100g), RM15.90
After rinsing off the Marvel Gel, it is time to cleanse the face with the cleansing foam! A pea size is enough to cover the whole face since you have to lather it up.

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Was pretty surprised when I used the cleansing foam for the first time. I felt a tingling sensation on my face which was really refreshing. But after using a couple more times, the tingling sensation wasn't there anymore. It cleanses my skin thoroughly and leaves it silky smooth without the feeling of stripping off all the oil.

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3. Marvel White Refining Toner (150ml), RM18.90
The next step after cleansing is to apply toner. This toner is different from the toner that you use a cotton pad to wipe your face. It is to refine and tighten pores, nourishes and softens skin. It brightens and evens skin tone for an instant naturally flawless and luminous fair complexion.

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Since this toner is in the form of a spray bottle, you will need to hold the bottle approximately 20cm from the face, close your eyes and then spray evenly onto the face. I usually spray the toner on my face about two to three times and then gently pat my skin to allow the toner to absorb into the skin and prep my skin for the next step.

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4. Marvel White Whitening Face Location (50ml), RM25.90
Lastly, apply moisturizer onto the skin. This face lotion is rich in natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that relieve and soothe skin, keeps skin blemish free with a healthy radiant glow.

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One pump is sufficient to moisturized my entire face. I love the fact the it is non-sticky and non-greasy, which allows the lotion to absorb into my skin easily. Even after applying, I don't feel any stickiness on my skin as well!

Ginvera Marvel White range is really affordable as for this 4 products, it is only below RM90! It is really worth it as it provides many benefits to the skin :)

Ginvera Marvel White is sold at major pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian, Caring), hypermarket and supermarkets (Aeon, Tesco, Giant, etc)

For more information, visit Ginvera's Facebook Page:

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