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Feb 9, 2012

A few hours before Wong Fu!

Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob was opening for the Wong Fu Productions Live in Malaysia event so I decided to check out their soundcheck a few hours prior to the event. Dragged myself outta bed and headed over to Taylors. The soundcheck was suppose to be at 11am but the stage setting wasn't ready yet. So we all went for lunch at Wong Kok.

Decided to go ahead with the setup after lunch even though the LCD screen was not fully built yet. It's quite amazing to see how it's built. Hard work. The band proceeded with soundcheck. Sound system was okay, it made Esty's voice sound autotune-ish :/

Decided to make use of the still empty hall for a group photo!
Headed home after that to get a good rest before the event at night.

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  1. Are you their official photographer or something? Nice shots, as usual :D

  2. sneak peak before the real show... awesome! :D

  3. Did you get to hug them? I saw girls hugging them. So damn lucky. 

  4. yup I am their photographer :) thanks ^^

  5. haha yeah xD real show will be up soon!

  6. You mean Wong Fu? Unfortunately no.