Feb 19, 2014

Coffee Cottage @ SS15 Subang

Located in the same building as Blitz Gym, Coffee Cottage has finally open its doors for about one month now! Their cute signboard outside the cafe caught my eye previously while they were still under renovation. Finally noticed that it was opened when I was passing by the area again, so I decided to check it out!

Mural art on the wall of Coffee Cottage

At first, I thought Coffee Cottage was like any other coffee joint. Upon some research, I found out it was a cat cafe which explains their logo! Hehe... The cafe is seperated into two sections. The first section is an open concept where you can sit, enjoy your coffee and chat with your friends without the distraction from the cats.

The second section is a closed area, called the Cottage where you get to play with the cats! Coffee and cakes can be brought inside so that you can enjoy your drinks and play with the cats at the same time! Just make sure that the cat doesn't eat your food ;)

Some things that you need to know before entering the Cottage



The view from inside.


Cats might jump on the table sometimes, so make sure they don't get too close to your coffee or cakes.


Yummy hot chocolate


Cookies & Cream Cheesecake

They are having promotion for all espresso and cakes at RM5 each until the 28th of Feb! So drop by while you can :D


Cute kitty having a snooze


There is a total six cats in this cafe. A number of teasers/toy is also available for you to play with the cat. Most of them love the shiny and colourful one. Another cat really like the ladybird teaser.


More sleeping cats.


The fluffy grey cat that likes to sit in corners...


Overall, Coffee Cottage is a nice place to hang out. It's really relaxing and fun to watch & play with the cats. A good stress reliever to see those cut cats running around and great for people like me who are sensitive to animal furs, where I get to play with them for a short while instead of getting allergies from long term exposure. Drinks are alright but the cakes are really yummy :)

Coffee Cottage
1-1, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03 5613 0078

Mon, Wed - Sun: 2PM - 12AM
Close on Tues


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  2. This reminds me of the cat cafe in Japan if I am not mistaken! Oh my I wanna go here!

  3. Yeah, it really looks like a nice place to go to!

    I don't agree with the holding cats up though. I'm a cat person and I'm good with cats. Most cats love me (perasan haha) and I can pick them up, even strays and they don't really mind. I like to put them on my lap and stroke them till they purr. :D