Feb 26, 2014

Skin Peel Progress + Second Treatment @ Mediviron UOA


A continuation from my previous post on Mediviron UOA, here's an update on my skin condition after getting the skin peel treatment done.

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During the first few days, my skin was dry and the skin felt tighter as it is covered by the layer of dead skin. An example that I would give it that the skin feel tight as though when you are applying a layer of peel off masks. 

The skin under my eye was slightly darker, as it is the old skin which is preparing to peel. It seriously look as though I had sunburn at that particular area though xD There is also slight flaking formed on the corners of my nose during day 3 onwards. 


As the days pass, the flaking is more apparent and skin will start to peel. Fortunately, the peeling wasn't that bad so I could go out of the house without worry.

After day 3, you can start to put moisturizer to balance your skin moisture level or aloe vera gel to help with the slight redness and peeling. Of course, it is important to put sunblock everyday and reapply when necessary as the skin is very sensitive to the sun at this stage.

I wouldn't advise to put on any foundation or makeup when you skin is peeling or flaking as it will make the dead skin even more apparent. I would just apply on my eye liner, under eye concealer and lipstick ;)

DSC_3094 copy

The darkened area of my skin is finally peeled off!

DSC_3012-2-side copy

After about 2 weeks, results can be seen.

Pimple scars is lighter and some of the pimples are easily removed when pressed. There is still some redness on my skin because I did a scrub using my Olay Pro X the night before. Shouldn't have done that, but the weather was really hot and I felt the my pores were clogged.

Back BA

Face and body skin is different in terms of thickness, which is why the my back hardly flake or peel at all. What it did was reduced the redness and lightened some of the scars. My mom commented that my back acne got better with the skin peel treatment. I also used the Acne Aid soap which was mentioned in my previous post.


After 2 weeks, I headed back to Mediviron UOA for my follow up consultation. Unfortunately, my previous doctor was on emergency leave so another one attended to me. She really friendly as well and attended to my queries.

I explained about the improvement I see after the skin peel treatment and also mentioned about my concern about the clogged pores as I felt that my skin reacted to the hot weather and also the sun block that I used. The doctor pointed out to me it is most probably related to the ingredients of the sun block that I was using. She advised me to use products which are non-comedogenic, where it will not clogged pores. Products that are non-comedogenic is good for sensitive or acne prone skin as the larger particles in the ingredient will not block the pores.


A second session of skin peel is done, but this time with a stronger dose as skin peel needs to be done various time to see improvements. It is not a magical one off solution as the result of the TCA peel depends on each individual's skin type and condition.

Even though with a stronger dose, my skin reaction wasn't as red compared to my first time experience as my skin got used to it already. However, the sting was a little more painful on my T-Zone compared to the previous treatment but still bearable. Must be the clogged pores that caused it.


As usual, cold compressor is placed on the skin to reduce the burning sensation and the sting.

The doctor said there are pigmentation on my back as well, so she applied a mix of glycolic acid and TCA peel to improve the condition of my back acne.

After arriving home, I can see a layer of white frosting from the TCA peel on my skin due to the stronger dose of TCA peel, which was not visible during my first treatment.


I remember using the Neutrogena sunblock a couple of years back which worked well on my skin. So, I headed over to the pharmacy and repurchased one. Coincidentally, it said non-comedogenic at the back!


For more information, visit Mediviron UOA Clinic's:

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