Mar 28, 2014

Pairing Your Dessert with the Perfect Cup of Coffee by Pacific Coffee Company

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Ever wondered how coffee affects the taste of your dessert? Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) recently organized a coffee and food pairing session which is hosted by their Coffee Ambassador, Mike Yung.

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Originally from Canada, Mike Yung has quite a number of awards and accolades under his belt where in this event, he gets to share his knowledge and experience in coffee.

Alexander Leaw, the Operations Manager of PCC said that they want their customers to take their time and savour every cup of coffee they drink to explore the richness and aroma the different kinds of coffee bring. Pairing coffee with a different food is always a new experience.

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In line with PCC's passion for quality coffee, three main coffee beans were selected for this pairing session, which is the Sumatra, Costa Rica and Ethiopian Mocha. These signature coffee beans are available in all PCC outlets!

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The first dessert is Tiramisu, where it is a popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert that is usually served in a small cup for a refined presentation.

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Pairing it with the Sumatra blend, the smooth texture and flavours from the Tiramisu with walnut releases earth flavours to enhance the Sumatran coffee as it has a fascinating complex herbal and earthy aspect to the aroma. The Sumatra blend has a high body and low acidity which explains the earthy aftertaste and it creamy texture of the tiramisu compliments the flavour of both the cake and coffee.

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The Costa Rica blend was paired with American Baked Cheesecake to bring out a refreshing taste from the coffee bean and rich flavours of the cake. I prefer the Costa Rica blend as it has a clean cut flavour that easily identified with its high acidity and lower body. The citrus flavour of the cheesecake also brings out the flavour of the coffee. If you're not a fan of cheesecake, chocolate also pair well with the Costa Rica blend!

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Last but not least, the Ethiopian Mocha with Blueberry Cheesecake. This Ethiopian blend is different from the previous two as it is a dry processed coffee which is rich in taste with a notes of leather, wood, earth and hint of berry fruit. The rich blueberry cheesecake and Ethiopian Mocha coffee forms a unique fruity fragrance with its heavy-bodied coffee and low acidity that balances the sweetness of the cake and bitter taste of the coffee.

The quality of coffee is often judged by the balance of taste (acidity & bitterness), body (weight of liquid in mouth) and flavour & aroma. Depending on what you are looking for, coffee can be paired with complimentary or contrasting flavour. I would choose to pair my coffee with complimentary desserts as it enhances the taste of both the coffee and the dessert.

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With Suresh & Jonathan

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With Cindy, Jessica, Arisa and Dila

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It was definitely an eye opening experience at the coffee pairing session. I have learnt to appreciate my coffee more and distinguish the types of coffee that I do and don't prefer. Coffee with low body and medium acidity is my preference. Can't drink those with high acidity and high body as it makes me dizzy and unfocused xD

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