Apr 27, 2014

Malaysia Clothes Buffet @ Syopz Mall

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Waking up on Saturday morning was definitely a challenge because I was out late the night before. Even so, I still managed to drag my ass out of the bed and head over to the Clothes Buffet event at Taylor's University. My session started at 10am and saw a few bloggers over there as well. As I have never been to the previous Clothes Buffet, it is good that they held it in Syopz Mall because there is more space for us to walk and choose the clothes instead of squeezing everyone together.

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Sneak peak on the clothes rack on what outfits you can get at Clothes Buffet

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Everyone queued in a line while waiting for the session to start and the feeling was like starting a marathon run when u enter the buffet zone. With only 15 minutes in hand, the clothes selection, folding, and packing/stuffing must be done within the time limit. Luckily the crowd wasn't that huge so it was free and easy.

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There is also an huge LED timer for us to keep track of time. Best to allocate 5 mins for your packing and if there's still space in the bag and time left, go grab some more! :) Some people are really pro in packing and the highest number of clothes packed was 15 pieces!

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Happy with my buffet selection!

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There is also an Aussino stock clearance sales happening at Syopz Mall. Since it started yesterday, there wasn't much choices left today. No single size bedsheets as mostly are king or queen :( Only managed to get some bolster case which was sold at a cheap price.

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Got distracted to the bazaar side after that and since the shopping spirit has already been released, I also purchased some items at the stalls.

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Affordable beauty box where you get 2 accessories, 2 face masks and 2 beauty product samples. It only costs RM10 but I did not purchase it. Haha...

 photo DSC_4520-2.jpg
So many adorable tapes! Always been tempted to buy these but haven't found a use for it yet so I did not purchase them.

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A surprise blowout sale was held at 12pm-1pm and I managed to buy some more clothes. With so many clothes bought today...I definitely need to be on a shopping ban already. The weather was really hot in the morning and I was sweating buckets while rummaging through the clothes. It was fun though :)

Check out my hauls below!

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Managed to fit 5 tops and 2 dresses in the bag!

 photo DSC_4544-2.jpg
Polka top with lace and a flowy blue top

 photo DSC_4548-2.jpg
Crop tee, tank top, and a bustier top :)

 photo DSC_4542-2-side.jpg
2 dresses!

 photo DSC_4541-2.jpg
Bolster case from the Aussino stock clearance sales.

 photo DSC_4534-2.jpg
Bought 3 more tops during the surprise Blowout Sales! It was RM10 each :D

 photo DSC_4539-2.jpg
Accessories purchased from Poppet Charm at the bazaar

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More clothes bought at the bazaar! Everyone needs a SWAG shirt ;)

 photo DSC_4557-2.jpg
Bought another dress as it was 2 for RM50 and JQ bought another one so this only costs me RM25 :D

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*picture credits to Suresh*
JQ & me being happy with our hauls of the day!

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*picture credits to Suresh*
It was definitely a fun Saturday with Clothes Buffet. The quality and selection were so so but I still managed to get some nice stuff from there!


  1. We got two same items! And omg you got bustier top too, so jelly! Seems like 2nd day has more pretty items HAHA

  2. Grace "Bing Bong" ChowApril 27, 2014 at 1:19 PM

    Should put a warning beforehand. "Warning: May trigger compulsive shopping mood" To make up for that, lemme steal ur bajus. :P