Apr 24, 2014

My Skin Journey with Mediviron UOA

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Hey everyone! If you've been following my blog for the past couple of months, you would notice that I have went for a skin peeling treatment session courtesy of Mediviron UOA. If not, you can view all the posts here: bit.ly/1ifBbv9 :)

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Two weeks after my LED Light Therapy, I went back to Mediviron UOA for my final skin peel treatment.

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As usual, the doctor applied the TCA peel onto my back and face and I was good to go! Everything was done within 15 mins and my skin wasn't very sensitive to the TCA solution anymore as the burning sensation was less compared to the beginning. Was scheduled for a final skin review session after 3 weeks from my final TCA peel treatment.

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This time round, there was no visible peeling and flaking happening on my face as most of the problematic areas were already solved! Was happy to see no flaking as it means that my skin has improved from when I first started the treatment :D

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A total of three TCA peel treatment was done and you can see the difference on how my skin reacted to the treatment at the beginning until the end. The redness and bumps have subsided and pimples are cleared during the time period of my treatment. Nowadays, I definitely have less breakouts compared to last time. Most of the time, my breakouts only happens during my menstruation period where the hormones go cray cray :( And it is always the same spot, which is the chin area. The doctor advised me to not eat spicy or fried food a week before my period. Shall keep that in mind since I always like to eat all the spicy stuff :)

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A picture of my skin recovery progress. Can you see the improvements? :)

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As for my back acne, it is not a 100% cure but I am glad that the TCA peels have lighten my scars and also made it to have less breakouts. In fact, I rarely have any breakouts on my back nowadays as I am still using the Acne Aid soap :)

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A picture with the doctor from Mediviron UOA during my last session.

It's been a great journey with Mediviron UOA and I am happy with the results I have gotten so far. Of course, there are things that I always remind myself to do which is to drink more water, get enough sleep and eat healthy!

If you're interested to know more about Mediviron UOA services, visit their:

Mediviron UOA Clinic is located at
LG 9, Lower Ground Floor,
Wisma UOA II, Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.

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