Jun 16, 2014

Zero Spending with Samsung Galaxy Life @ Starlight Cinema

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I have never not heard about Starlight Cinema before until I saw their ad on Facebook which piqued my interest to find out more about this event! It is actually an outdoor movie festival where besides screening movies, there is also food stalls and flea market to complete your outdoor cinema experience!

From 13th-21st June, there will be movies being screened at Bukit Kiara Equestrian park. You can check out the schedule via Samsung Galaxy Life app: http://bit.ly/1qBkr2r

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Was really excited to attend the event as it is FREE for all Samsung Galaxy users! You can redeem yours here: http://bit.ly/1qBkr2r. As you can see, I was happily posing with my picnic mat! It would be advisible to bring a bigger mat if you are going with your friends so everyone can sit comfortably. If you want to lie down, no problem! Some people even bought their air mattress and bean bags. Whatever makes you comfortable, bring it along! :)

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Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Life, I got to watch for the movies for FREE! http://bit.ly/1qBkr2r

After picking a suitable spot, me and my friend, Grace went to hunt for food since we were feeling hungry.

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A flea market at the side that sells clothes, accessories and more. Nice place to spend some time browsing through their items while waiting for the movie to start.

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Besides free tickets, the next best thing about this event is that Samsung Galaxy users also get to redeem their food and beverages for FREE!!! There are many food vendors to choose from such as Gong Cha, Burger Lab, Bad Boy Cooks, Crazy Potato and more! You just need to press the redeem button via the app here http://bit.ly/1qBkr2r and then they will copy down the code and verify your redemption code. Remember, you only have 60 mins to redeem before the code expires, so it is best to redeem it when you are at the counter.

Another thing is that if you have already redeemed the voucher that day, you can redeem the same one the next day, as the T&C is that you only can redeem once a day for some vendors :D

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Everyone sitting down comfortably while enjoying their movie. Look at the huge Samsung mobile screen! There are some mosquitoes and insects but it is not much of a nuisance. Just bring mosquito repellent just in case :)

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Finally redeemed my Crazy Potato fries via the Samsung Galaxy Life app! http://bit.ly/1qBkr2r
It is best to arrive earlier to redeem your food beforehand as it takes time for the vendors to prepare the food.

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Bumped into many bloggers as well but didn't have much time to take photos with them as everyone was busy redeeming their food before the movie starts! Managed to take a photo with Amelea while waiting for my fries to be done.

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Surprise surprise! A proposal was done after one of the movie ended. Congratulations to the both of you!

Headed back home after watching Despicable Me as I was feeling tired already. It is a really busy month for work and I managed to squeeze some time out for Starlight Cinema and I did not regret it! It was definitely a fun experience and the weather wasn't too bad as well due to the chilly weather at night.

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Went back the next day to watch Sound of Music with my friends. This time round, we picked a spot near the screen.

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Lovely sky during sunset

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Luckily I brought my mini fan along as it was pretty humid during the evening. However as the night went on, it wasn't that humid anymore :)

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Bring engrossed into the big screen!

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Bumped into Kelly and Vera while food hunting!

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Time for pizza!

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Yummy fries from Crazy Potato

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Free Banana Pecan Cupcake by Project C

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I also redeemed a free gelato from SUB 18!

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Happy people enjoying free movie and free food!

Thanks to Samsung Galaxy Life, I got to have a great weekend at Starlight Cinema with my friends without spending any money!

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All you need to do is:

  1. Own a Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Download the app here: http://bit.ly/1qBkr2r (Andriod version 4.1 and above)
  3. Redeem your FREE tickets via the Samsung Galaxy Life app!

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