Jul 17, 2014

Are you brushing your teeth too hard?

The same type of ad is always being played on TV especially when it comes to oral care. Most of the time, sensitive teeth is linked with a toothpaste ad. However, toothpaste is just one of the factors that keeps the sensitivity at bay. Besides food intake, the tooth brush you use is important as well. I remember the dentist telling my dad not to brush his teeth too hard because the enamel layer on your teeth will get thinner and cause your teeth to be more sensitive. Reason being is that enamel is a protective layer on our teeth that protects it from decay.

I have mostly been using toothbrush that has soft bristle throughout my life but recently changed to a medium sized bristle for a couple of years. I love the fact that the medium sized bristle toothbrush makes my teeth cleaner. I had the perception of brushing harder equals to cleaner teeth which of course is totally wrong! Obviously I had forgotten on what the dentist mentioned to my dad previously. I started to feel that my teeth is got more sensitive to cold food after using the toothbrush with hard bristle for a long run. I kept pushing back the inkling that it may have something to do with the toothbrush I was using and did not bother with it until I was introduced to Systema.

Systema is a leading oral care expert and was developed by Lion Corporation Japan with over 120 years of experience.

According to the Malaysian Dental Association, many studies indicate that two out of three people brush their teeth too hard and this could lead to thinning of enamel, receding gum lines and hypersensitivity. Signs of this self-inflicted destruction usually appear by middle aged (35 years).

Systema is the first to introduce the 0.02mm bristle tip toothbrushes in Malaysia, which presents a new varient - Systema Spiral that removes 40% more plaque without brushing too hard.

“Malaysians need to be more aware about the risks of using the wrong bristles and brushing hard. One way to take precaution is to use the perfectly slim 0.02mm bristle tip toothbrush that penetrates deeper yet flexible enough to clean the hard to reach areas without the need to brush too hard. Systema has always led the toothbrush innovation since the introduction of 0.02mm toothbrush and we hope to continue this and help Malaysians have cleaner, healthier and stronger teeth and gums with the launch of the new Systema Spiral.” 
- Goh Cheng Looi, Senior Brand Manager, Oral Care Department, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd.

Systema Spiral has special hexagonal shaped bristles twisted together to form spirals – enabling six sharp sides to scrape away 40% more plaque without brushing hard. The toothbrush also has a thumb grip for better control and comfort. It comes in four different handle colours, namely Orange, Green, Blue and Pink.

Systema Spiral is available in most hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. It is sold at RM8.90 for a pack of one or RM17.80 for a pack of three.

Besides that, Systema has also other range of toothbrush to suit your needs which are:
Sensitive - Specially designed to control the pressure and relief stress for sensitive teeth sufferers.
Bi Level - 2 level bristle that helps to clean the surface of the teeth, in between teeth and along the gum-lines.
Full Head - Larger head size for wider reach.
Comfort - Regular head size toothbrush for a more comfortable clean.
Compact - Specially designed  with small or compact head size to reach and clean every part of your teeth easily.

I have been using the Systema Spiral for a couple of months now and so far so good. Despite the soft bristle that I wasn't used to at first after switching back from a hard bristle, I find that it cleans my teeth really well. No more wrong perception where brushing harder equals to cleaner teeth!

For more information on the new Systema Spiral, you can visit them on their:
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