Sep 6, 2014

Manoah Bloggers Appreciation Night

I was invited to attend Manoah's Blogger Appreciation Night last Wednesday! As I had another event to attend beforehand, I arrived later around 11pm to join the party and catch up with my friends as I haven't been attending events for some time now due to my hectic schedule at work.

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The event was held at iDarts Quad in Sunway Giza and there was free flow of Asahi! I didn't drink much as I was pretty tired after a long day. So one can was enough for the night and it was great catching up with everyone there!

I have always passed by iDarts when I was in Sunway Giza but never entered before. The place is very spacious with 2 levels! It was pretty packed that night was iDart's regular customers and Manoah bloggers. We had the entire second floor to ourselves so it was very chill.

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Don's birthday was in the month of August so there was a cake to celebrate as well!

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I don't play darts often and my all time perception was to hit closest to the centre, get more points and be the winner. However, the rules is to start from a certain point and get the closet to zero and you will win! Sorry I am a noob in this...haha. I remember playing this game with my ex-colleagues last time and it was pretty fun. My aiming was a hit and miss. By luck, I manage to win one game against

 photo 10656231_10152613703639242_145896759_n.jpg
With Melody, Siew Cheng, Joanna, Janice, and Yumi. Thanks Duncan for the picture!

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With Duncan and Janice's peace

 photo DSC_5615-2.jpg
With Radius from iDarts Malaysia.

 photo 10506806_10153101967537306_6448038863546266567_o.jpg
Group photo with Don before leaving! His shirt is epic! haha...

Thanks Manoah, iDarts, and Asahi for everything! It's been a pleasure working with Manoah and thanks to Don for all the opportunities! 

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