Sep 11, 2015

Weekend Getaway @ Kuala Kubu Bharu

 photo IMG_20150905_083402-2.jpg
*photo by Sharmayne*

Long time no see! Seems like ages that I was missing from the blogging world. I have been out and about.. often posting on Instagram instead of blogging *guilty*

Last weekend, I went over to KKB for my friends birthday getaway. Having only about 3 hours of sleep, I managed to follow Waze instructions to Sungai Chiling, the meetup point. However, we got lost for a moment as my friend mentioned to drive further down Sungai Chiling entrance until we see her standing at the roadside. The thing is we did not see her and we drove uphill for about 5km and then decide to go back down at Sungai Chiling entrance and contacted her as there is limit phone line. 

In the end, she wasn't even at the location yet. LOL. We waited for her dad to guide us as he was in KKB town buying some supplies. 

 photo IMG_20150905_094434-2.jpg
*photo by Sharmayne*

Located in a private property, we parked at the roadside and loaded our stuff into the truck. First time in my life crossing a river at the back of the truck, which is a very bump but exciting ride.

 photo DSC_9303.jpg
Welcome to The Sticks! It is an eco resort that is still under renovation. Personally I love these kind of places as it is disconnected from the city life and also mobile networks. Two days of peace and also being away from the haze. Surprisingly Digi & Celcom has connectivity here compared to other telcos. Sharmayne and myself were the earliest bunch to reach. So, we explored around the resort.

 photo DSC_9305.jpg
A small trail leading to some of the Tendok (tent + pondok).

 photo DSC_9307.jpg
Tendoks (tent + pondok) in the jungle are near the river where you can hear the sound of the river flowing. So peaceful especially during the night. There are 2 layers to the tent where one is the mosquito net and another one is the entire cover of the tent.

 photo DSC_9308.jpg
Some of the rooms do not have bathroom attached. Outdoor toilet is the way to go!

 photo DSC_9313.jpg
Our home for the weekend!

Placed all our stuff into the room while waiting for Amelia to arrive as well.

 photo DSC_9316.jpg
Luckily our room had private bathroom attached with a lovely open air rooftop view.

 photo DSC_9311.jpg
Random flowers growing on the grounds

 photo DSC_9315.jpg
The distance from our room to the common area was a walk away and the view is great!

 photo 20150905_094822.jpg
DIY table and chairs. Those wooden chairs are heavy I kid you not!

 photo IMG_20150905_101106-2.jpg photo IMG_20150905_153700-2.jpg
*photo by Sharmayne & Amelia*
Selfie while waiting for Rachelle and her friends to arrive. One of her friend baked her a really pretty cake decorated with edible flowers. 

 photo 2015-09-05 01.31.32 1.jpg
We had our own hamburger station. Everyone helped out in preparation and cooking of the lunch.

 photo IMAG1816-2.jpg
*photo by Amelia*
Amelia, Rachelle, Me & Sharmayne
Group photo after the cake has been cut. Look at the rainbow layers!

 photo 2015-09-06 12.25.34 2.jpg
After lunch, Rachelle organized a treasure hunt activity but I couldn't participate last minute due to work emergency which I had to settle. Went to the river to chill after that. It was drizzling on and off all day. Some of Rachelle's friend went over to Sungai Chiling to hike up to the waterfall area instead.

 photo IMG_20150906_135800-2.jpg
The river was really chilly and clear! Stayed there for about an hour or two, and then went back to the room for a nap as the fatigue was already hitting me due to the lack of sleep. Woke up in the evening for BBQ dinner. We all had dinner in the dark as there is no electric supply at The Sticks at the moment. Everyone used flashlights or mobile phones to navigate around the area.

It was raining heavily after dinner so we stayed at the common area chatting and playing games.  

 photo 20150906_095350.jpg
The next morning, we had Antipodean rip off style breakfast.

 photo 2015-09-06 07.15.33 2.jpg
Group photo before heading out to the river again!

 photo 2015-09-06 04.38.28 2.jpg
Chilled at the river until noon before packing up and leaving the place. We stopped by at KKB town for lunch before heading back to KL. It was an amazing two days getaway being able to properly rest and chill over the weekend. I will definitely love to come back to this place again.

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