Nov 5, 2015

[Review] Sudio VASA

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Named after King Gustaf Vasa who lead the Swedish War of Liberation during the 16th century, Sudio VASA is Sudio's latest premium earphone model. Boasting a new generation of 10.2mm driver, the user is able to hear every detail in every instrument, in every song, giving an extraordinary sound experience.

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Upon unboxing, there are two labelled boxes indicating the contents of the box

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The first one contains the earphones and the next are the accessories and manuals. I love how there are different sizes of earphone sleeves provided to fit comfortably into the ears as I always have problem with those standard sized ones slipping out of my ear. Of course, I used the smallest one and it fit perfectly! :)

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With four colours available for Studio VASA, I chose the classic black with rose gold finishing for its sophisticated and sexy attribute ;)

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The tunes delivered are really clear where I get hear every part of the instrument piece. The volume however can be quite soft, so I usually turn it up two or three times depending on the quality of the sound based on YouTube, MP3 etc.

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Sudio VASA has also 3 control buttons which works specially for Andriod, where the top and bottom button works as volume control. The center button is for play & pause, skip to next or previous music, and answering or ending a call.

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Sudio earphones are elegant and produces good sound quality and I am definitely one of the proud owners. Most of the time I keep the VASA earphones in the office since I already have the TVA at home ;)

VASA retails at RM315 and they provide FREE shipping worldwide when you purchase through their website at Don't forget to use the code Lichuen15 upon your checkout to receive 15% off your purchase! ;)

 For more information on Sudio, you can visit their:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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