Dec 21, 2016

Christmas Tea Party with Summer Délice

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The weather has been chilly recently with the heavy rain and looks like it is going to be a wet Christmas! A tea party would be perfect for this jolly season! Whether it is an afternoon tea party or a post-dinner tea party, you can spend more quality time with your friends or family with a warm cup of tea for everyone, some snacks and watch some Christmas movies or play some games with them to chill and relax :)

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Summer Délice creates delightful desserts using rich and natural raw materials. A taste of happiness is achieved in their creation of macadamia tart, using the highly nutritional and filling macadamia nuts specially imported from Australia.

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Macadamia is also known as the ‘king of nuts’ that provides a rich source of energy. Macadamia nuts have a natural sweetness and also contains various nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are good for health.

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Macadamia tart from Summer Délice has two flavours, Maple Sugar Macadamia Tart (Original) and Orange Macadamia Tart. The base is a butter tart that is hand-crafted individually, and the syrup made from scratch. It’s low in sugar, but rich in natural fragrance. No colouring, preservatives and artificial flavours are used in the process of making the macadamia tart.

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I love that the that pastry itself is not hard or too soft where the texture is just right as it does not crumble easily. Moreover, the tarts are sealed in a wrapper which keeps the tart fresh and not go soggy. While having afternoon tea with my parents, they said that they like the fact that the macadamia tart is not overly sweet and it does not overpower the macadamia's natural taste, plus it is generously filled with macadamia nuts! 

My favourite will be the Orange Macadamia Tart as it has a slight tangy flavour to it. However, my parents who tasted both said that they couldn't differentiate much between the two flavours as they felt that the Orange Macadamia Tart does not have enough tangy flavour. But overall, they felt that the tarts are of good quality and would purchase to gift it to their friends.

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There are 2 sizes of gift box for the macadamia tarts where the 6 pieces is RM23 and 12 pieces is RM45. Currently, Summer Délice is running a Christmas promotion of Buy 5 Free 1 (6 pcs gift box) or Buy 10 Free 1 (12 pcs gift box). FREE postage is available when you purchase RM100 and above. If you only want to try one box, you can do a group order with your friends :)

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This would be great as a form of gift to share with the guests that you invite to your Christmas party or also for the upcoming CNY as it does not expiry quickly.

Just place your order through Summer Délice Facebook Page or their mobile +6016 886 5799 (SMS, Whatsapp, WeChat).

Merry Christmas xx

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  1. Aww love this kind of healthy type of Christmas Tea time =) Definitely need to check this out!!