Jan 25, 2017

KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic

Lipsticks are a tricky thing especially with staining and most of the time the colour fades off after a while, which I have to reapply constantly. Imagine staining the coffee cup, wine glass and sometimes the lipstick even transfers to the food!

What is KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic?

  • A unique Colour Migration Prevention Ingredient (fluorine coating powder) creates a gel film over the surface of your lips, thoroughly coating the lipstick to prevent it from migrating onto other surfaces.
  • The Super Lasting Ingredient latches onto the lipstick colour and holds it in place...that means no smudging!
  • Moisturizing Ingredients like Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid keep the kips soft.

I personally do not use matte lipsticks or any sort of liquid lipsticks even though the colour is longer lasting as it makes my lips super sensitive where it drys out within minutes and cracks within the hour even though I applied lip balm prior to that. Obviously those do not work for me which is why KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic was super handy! I have been using it for a while now and I love that it is fragrance free. The semi-opaque coating gel does not change the colour of the lipstick, but makes it slightly more vibrant and leaves a slight glossy sheen to it.

I feel that it does not fully work when eating a full course meal especially when the food that has high content of oil, the lip colour will fade away eventually. Understandably, it is because this product is meant for light meals. So once you have a full meal, you will have to reapply your lipstick and the KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic before proceeding with the rest of your day :)

The KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic has proven to be useful during tea time, coffee sessions or meetings where the lip colour would not transfer onto the rim of the cup! Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I would definitely be using more often this since there are house visitations to be done and not forgetting feasting onto the delicious CNY cookies! I won't have to worry about my lip colour fading off that quickly!


  • Do not rub your lips together after applying the KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic as it will cause the colour to crease. Allow sufficient drying time.
  • Try not to touch your lips or rub your lips together through out the day as well as friction will cause fading.
  • For maximum transfer-proof results, use together with KOSÉ lipsticks. Other formulas (such as lipstick rouge) may not produce the best outcome.
  • Shake the product well first before usage as the gel dispensed must be semi-transparent. You cannot just open the tube and squeeze out without shaking.
  • When applying the KOSÉ Lip Gel Magic, makes sure to spread evenly to the corners of the mouth and the inner areas of the lips too! Some lipstick might get transferred onto you fingers during this application so remember to wipe your finger!
For more information, visit KOSÉ Malaysia

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