Apr 16, 2017

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

While attending the Veet Sensitive Touch workshop previously, I also had the opportunity to test out the product thanks to Veet Malaysia! After trying it out for a few weeks, below is my verdict on this product!

Upon unboxing, the items found in the package are:
  • Gadget body
  • AA battery
  • 6mm & 16mm trimming head
  • 20mm trimming head
  • Styler Cap
  • 2mm & 4mm comb attachment
  • Comb attachment for 20mm
  • Cleaning Brush (This reminds me of the computer keyboard brush..haha)
  • Beauty Pouch

According to Veet, the 6mm & 16mm blade is suitable for eyebrow trimming & shaping. The comb attachment is to trim the eyebrows to a more uniformed length, while just using the blade only will help to trim unwanted hairs and also shape the eyebrows accordingly.

Based on the TVC that Veet shown, it seemed very effortless and easy to be used. However it was not the case for me. The comb attachment helped to trim my eyebrows which was convenient, but the shaping part was tricky. The blade couldn't reach certain part of the brows and it wasn't a clean trim as I still could see the leftover stubs since my brows are quite thick.

I didn't want to risk on overdoing it as I have already accidentally trimmed off a quarter of my top brow previously :( You will need time and patience to achieve a good trim & shape which wasn't really what the ad has shown. Especially when I am rushing for time, it will be quite stressful to use this on my brows. But, it is alright if it is just a few strays and I can get it off quickly.

I would consider my skin to be sensitive as I did waxing on my eyebrows before and the redness literally stayed on for almost half the day! With Veet Sensitive Touch, I can be worry-free about this thing happening. I still prefer threading as it gives a clean shape and also removes my stray eyebrow hairs effectively without the need of constantly trimming it. I noticed that with the trim, my eyebrow hair grows quicker as compared to threading as it is removed from the root.

Suitable for bikini line trimming and shaping, I prefer to use it with the comb attachment as it is a sensitive area. So far the trim is good but I can't comment for shaping wise as I have been busy with work and no chance to go for a swim yet!

As the trimming heads can be cleansed with water, I can also use it at other body areas such as the armpit and upper lip. I don't like to thread the upper lip as my skin is sensitive and prone to breakout after threading at the area. With Veet Sensitive Touch, I do not have that issue anymore :)

When I am too busy to go for waxing, I like to use the trimmer for my underarms for a quick-fix. Although the product is not meant for my hairy legs, I also use it occasionally especially when I am rushing out and can see a few obvious leg hair around..haha.

Final thoughts
As a trimmer I find it very convenient to be used on the go. However, for eyebrow shaping I still prefer threading as it gives a cleaner look.

Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer retails at RM 119 at major pharmacies nationwide.

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