Mar 9, 2014

A Girl's Guide to Surviving FMFA 2014!

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Hey everyone! With Future Music Festival Asia 2014 being less than 5 days away, I just like to share with you some of the essential items for you to survive at FMFA 2014!

1. ID & Cash
The most important item to bring is your id as this event is for people aged 18 & above! Even though you are above the age limit, they still check for security purpose.

Bring sufficient cash to spend on F&B because the price of the items is much higher than what you normally purchase. A can of beer would be about RM15 and, drinks or a bottle of water will be approximately sold at RM5. Food wise, it will probably cost between RM8-RM20 depending on what you order.

2. Sunnies
With sun rays and laser lights firing away, sunnies will bring comfort to your eyes.

3. Sunblock
While enjoying the music festival, you wouldn't want to get sunburn especially with the blazing sun and hot weather in Malaysia.

4. Power Bank
Taking countless photos with your pals and uploading them to the gazillion social media platform will definitely drain your phone battery. Power bank will come in handy especially towards the end of the concert when battery is low, where you need to contact your friends or post more stuff online about your day at FMFA 2014 ;P

5. Comfortable Shoes
Since it is a rave party, wearing heels is just plain suicide. Especially when you're walking on uneven grounds, jumping to the music and walking a distance to each stage and to the parking, a comfy pair of shoes or flats will suffice.

6. Portable Mini Fan
The weather has been crazy hot for the past few weeks and a mini fan will be a great idea to take away some of the heat.

7. Water
Since you can't bring in beverages to the venue, you can only purchase them on festival grounds. Remember to drink more water to stay hydrated!

8. Tissue / Wet Tissue / Towel
Tissue - When you head to the toilet.
Wet tissue - If you dislike feeling sticky.
Towel - Especially after the festival, you'll be drenched in sweat. You wouldn't want to dirty your car right? Place a towel on the car seat!

9. FMFA Mobile App
Don't forget to download the FMFA mobile app where you can check the set timing and stage allocation for your favourite acts! If you find it too much of a hassle, just print screen the set list and save it on your phone ;)

10. Others
Raincoat, waterproof bag for phone, hand sanitizer, eye drop and floral headband.

What is your FMFA 2014 survival kit?
See you there! :D

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