Mar 11, 2014

Dove School of Skindulgence Launch

Thanks to Butterfly Project, I was invited to the launch of Dove's Skindulgence campaign launch. The purpose of the launch of the Skindulgence is to encourage women to indulge and pamper themselves everyday in the comfort of their home, without spending a bomb.

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Based on a survey done by Dove Body Wash, amongst 108 women aged between 18-35, time and money are the biggest hurdles in pampering oneself on a regular basis. I could definitely relate to that because after starting out in the workforce, you'll have more commitments and responsibility on your plate and it does not get easier. Often, when I am too focused on work, I will sleep late and skip meals which is very bad for the health. Even though I wish to go for a spa or massage, I would refrain from doing so because everything is so expensive and with the inflation of goods, you'll have to tighten your belt and be careful on what you spend on.

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Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture has a unique blend of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that helps to restore the moisture back into your skin while bathing. This is a form of pampering the skin as well! Dove Body Wash with Nutrium Mosture is available at RM22.90 for 1 litres in the variants of Beauty Nourishing, Gentle Exfoliating, Sensitive Skin, Fresh Touch, Energize and Revive.

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Besides that, Dove also encourages women to take a further step in pampering themselves through the Dove School of Skindulgence's three pillars of pledge which is to eat right, stay active and pamper yourself. Doing all these things is also benefiting your body! Simple steps of eating food with good nutrients, keeping fit by exercising and love yourself can make you feel renewed, refreshed and of coursed, well nourished skin. When you're happy, your skin is happy too! ;D

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At the event, bloggers and the press were given cards that seperates them into groups to educate them on one of the three pillars of School of Skindulgence. I got into Group C, which is to stay active! I think the card is secretly telling me to start my workout routine again because I haven't been exercising for a while!

The trainer taught us some basic moves on stretching to prevent muscle aches because we spend most of our time working behind a computer and sitting in for long hours. The session was pretty quick so we got to check out what the other groups were doing as well!

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Group B was in a setting of a bathroom.

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They were showing the different between using a milk bath and Dove Body Wash, where Dove has a higher moisturizing level after applying and washing it of the skin. To me, milk bath is very expensive and it is quite weird to waste milk for bathing because milk is so expensive! Dove Body Wash on the other hand, is affordable so I am eager to include this in my routine!

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Group A was the most exciting one because they get to cook! Not really cooking, but just mixing in ingredients as per the instruction of the chef. I love food, so this really appealed to me. Lol.

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Participants were provided with ingredients and ready made sauce for them to mix it in! Eating right is one of the pillar in Dove's School of Skindulgence and therefore, it is important in choosing with right ingredients to make yourself a wholesome meal that is full of nutrients!

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Dove had a second round of cooking demonstration so I decided to join! Couldn't miss out the chance because it was fun! Was a little confuse on the steps because the chef spoke a little too fast. Luckily there's the assistant chef to guide us and we completed our dish!

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Happy me!

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With Charmaine

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With Janice, Angeline and Kah Mon

Those who are interested to join Dove's School of Skindulgence can make a pledge at and challenge yourself in 21 days to achieve the three main pillars of Skindulgence - pamper yourself, eat right and stay active! You'll have to share one photo every day via Instagram hastags, with a total of 21 photos by the end of your pledge on how you take care of yourself at home!

The challenge ends on 30th April and be quick to participate, as Dove will be rewarding winners each week based on their creativity on each activity where you get to win a hamper of Dove Body Wash worth RM100! There will also be 10 grand prize winner announced at the end of the contest where they get to jet off to a 3D2N island getaway in Krabi!

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