May 1, 2014

Asahi Super Dry presents Ferry Corsten LIVE @ PLAY, The Roof

Spent Labours Day eve partying at Ferry Corsten LIVE event in PLAY, The Roof. Initially wanted to use Uber to head over to the event as it is the last day before the promo code expires but it kept saying Uber is fully booked so I couldn't get my ride. Decided to drive there instead and got a lucky parking spot :D Thanks to Manoah for the invite!

Arrived there at 10pm and there were many people waiting outside. Waited for the rest of the blogger to arrive before heading in. A picture with Siew Cheng, Janice and Joanna. Didn't manage to get the girl in green's name. Sorry!

With Zana, Janice and Siew Cheng. Sat down and enjoyed our Asahi while waiting for Ferry Corsten's set at 1am. The venue got really packed as the night progressed with all the fans of Ferry Corsten arriving for his performance.

More group photo with Joanna this time :) It was also fun to check out Janice's Samsung NX Mini camera and play around with it...selfie time! Pretty cool camera with various setting and you can just straight away transfer the photos to the phone as it has in-built Wifi.

Best thing that happened that night! We got to meet Ferry Corsten in person and take a picture with him! :D

 Selfie time with Jaz Khai and Joanna

 The club was on full on party mode when Ferry Corsten came up.

Thanks Jaz Khai for the photos! :)

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