Dec 13, 2015

Preview: Clothes Buffet Malaysia 2016

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Recently, I attended the Secret Affair party hosted by Clothes Buffet Malaysia as part of their Season 3 preview which will be held in early 2016! Talking about secret affair, the location was at Elementum (Co-Venue Sponsor), which was a mysterious place to find! After being on the phone and following the signs, I manage to locate the party area :)

Read my past experience at Clothes Buffet here.

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While waiting for the rest of the bloggers to arrive, some of us had our makeup done for a photoshoot. The makeup was done by Lab Vamor (Official Hairstylist and Make-up Artist Sponsor).

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A photo with Ally from Lab Vamor who did my hair and makeup :)

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Andrew from LINs Communication briefing us about Clothes Buffet Season 3

What you need to know about Clothes Buffet Season 3

Date: 16th & 17th January 2016
Time: 9.50am - 9.00pm
Location: Lot 10 Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Fee: RM150 (including one 35.5cm x 23cm zip-lock bag)
Purchase Tickets:
Time Limit: 15 minutes

1. Fit the clothes you have chosen into the zip-lock bag within 15 minutes.
2. You must be able to zip-up your bag.
3. If you spoil the bag, you will have to pay a penalty for a new bag

1. Grab clothes that are thin so that you can put in more clothes in the bag. Thicker items like jackets uses up more space.
2. Make sure your nails are short. Those who longer nails will have the tendency to break the bag especially when stuffing the clothes into the bag.

In conjunction with Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3, 'Wear My Sketch!' contest was held for young designers to demonstrate their creativity and skills. The best designs will be adapted by Key Ng & Huntmer Series, which will be featured at Clothes Buffet Season 3.

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In Season 3, there will be five categories of clothes to choose from and up to 30,000 pieces in the buffet area! The five categories are:

1. Throwback
2. Fun @ Work
3. Girls Being Girls
4. Lazy Weekend
5. Little Black Dress

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During the preview, we were also given the opportunity to have a first-hand experience of Clothes Buffet and to bring the clothes that we are able to fit into the bag back home :D

Of course, everyone went into a frenzy in choosing the clothes and packing it into their bags. 

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I managed to fit about 8 pieces of clothing into the bag! Initially I was eyeing a denim jacket, but it took up too much space so I gave up on it. 

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After that, all of us bloggers were required to do a photoshoot with one of the outfit that we have chosen.

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Here are the list of the sponsors and event partners for Clothes Buffet Malaysia 2016!

  • Lot 10
  • Clozette
  • Elementum
  • Lab Vamor
  • Pink Passion
  • Poh Kong 
  • Celebrity Fitness
  • Empro
  • Lily Sdn Bhd (Sunshade)
  • Key Ng
  • Huntmer
  • Zalora
  • Sothys
  • Lily Sdn Bhd
  • Moiz Photography
  • Garsa Kitchen

'Live your dream' top which I gotten at the Secret Affair party. Wore it recently during my trip to Vietnam! :)

For more information, visit Clothes Buffet Malaysia
Website | Facebook

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