Feb 15, 2016

3 Things You Need to Know About Mentholatum Botanics

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1.  Natural Ingredients

Using the finest ingredients with the highest quality natural herbal essences from flowers and herbs, the BOTANICS range consist of different ingredients to suit various skin conditions. Each herb and flower were carefully selected based on their unique properties to offer exceptional results.

2. Affordable

The BOTANICS series definitely sounds amazing and not to mention it is very affordable too! It is available exclusively in Guardian stores nationwide.

  • Tube Face Wash (100g) @ RM 14.90
  • Pump Face Wash (150ml) @ RM 21.90
  • Foam Face Wash (160ml) @ RM25.90
  • Face Mask (1 pc) @ RM 6.90

3. Four Range of Product
  • TUBE Face Wash
 photo Tube Deep Cleansing.jpg
 photo tube hydra whitening.jpg
 photo tube hydrating.jpg
 photo tube pore refining.jpg

  • FOAMING Wash
 photo foam oil control.jpg
 photo foam whitening2.jpg
  • PUMP Wash
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 photo pump mois amp bright2.jpg

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For more information about Mentholatum BOTANICS website at www.botanics.com.my

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