Sep 5, 2016

[Review] Sudio Vasa BLÅ

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Vasa BLÅ is Sudio's latest premium earphone that provides wireless freedom to its users. As compared to the normal earphones, Vasa BLÅ makes things easier especially for those on-the-go! Sudio's packaging arrived with a twist this time with a tote bag and a ribbon wrapped box which was delightful. Naturally, their packaging comes with the usual leather casing, owner's manual and accessories.

I've been using the Vasa BLÅ for more than a month already. Sound wise, it is on the softer side and not too bass heavy which is what I personally prefer. And I felt like I was transported into my own world when I put the wireless earphones on as it takes away the surrounding noise. Sometimes...I can't hear when someone is calling me in the office until they tap on my shoulder. As it is wireless, I can just stand up from my desk to get a cup of tea or to the copier machine without actually dragging the laptop down with me. Haha...

I am the type who needs to listen to music or watch some YouTube video before I go to sleep. With the normal earphones, I usually wake up with the earphone wires getting tangled all over me me. With Vasa BLÅI get to wake up tangle-free! As it is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth, the blue blinking light annoyed me a little during the night while I first used it. But after a while, it did not affect me anymore.

Vasa BLÅ is also good for an evening stroll in the park. I tried using it to jog with at the park twice but it kept falling out so I believe it is best for winding down and not really for sports use. I am looking forward to bring the earphones to my camping trip next week over the public holiday! :)

Enjoy a 15% discount from the code 'summer2016' with additional 20% tax rebate deduction upon checkout. Shipping is FREE worldwide! Sudio is also giving away their limited edition summer tote bag when you purchase online (while stocks last)!

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