Sep 27, 2016

#YSDAF 2016

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Last month, I went to Yayasan Sime Dary Art Festival, a two day event that was held in KLPAC, Sentul. I found out about the event via Facebook and saw that the lineup was pretty good so I decided to check it out on Saturday. I went with my friend Rachelle to the event and we arrived quite early in the morning.

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Since I haven't used my DSLR for some time, I decided to bring it along for some shots.

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There were many activities, performances and workshops throughout the day from 10am to 10pm. I wish I could go for all but some were overlapping with the ones that I really wanted to go so I just highlighted the ones that I am interested at. Most of the day is spent running around KLPAC area as different activities were held at different areas.

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Most of the workshops require pre-registration on their website which I signed up for water brush calligraphy class. There were also other activities like batik painting, post card printing at the Royal Press booth that no need any prior registration. I also tried my hands on silk screen printing at the Raksasa Print booth.

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Performances were held throughout KLPAC such as short skits, choir, dance, percussion, wayang kulit etc. Each corner were filled with participants and spectators. One of the interesting booth that I came across was Gerai Tai Tai which is fortune telling with a twist. It was pretty fun and you can find the photo on my instagram :)

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Gohkaki Childhood Museum displayed an array of childhood games which can be played with at their booth which invoked a lot of childhood memories!

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At the lawn area, I managed to catch acts such as Mutesite, Liyana Fizi, The Impatient Sisters and 2dB. It was definitely a great day spent at #YSDAF and I am hoping that they would hold it again next year! :)

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