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Apr 30, 2013

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain 味不同海鲜坊 @ Bercham, Ipoh

Hello readers! I know I have been posting about fashion and beauty recently but no worries, I still love my food! Here's one for you foodies :D

Discovered this restaurant during one of our family food trip in Bercham. Drove past this place a couple of times which was packed with people and we made a mental note to try out their food.

Food from the first visit. Forgot to bring my camera, hence a picture from my Instagram! hehe :P Foursquare recommended their homemade fishball which is very chewy/bouncy...worth trying! :) The cheese prawns and mushroom was yummy. However, the braised pork knuckle was a let down. What I would recommend is their smoked duck which to me is the best that I have eaten so far.

On our second visit to the restaurant, we called in advance to order their famous Claypot Crab with Glass Noodles. Yes, this dish needs to be pre-ordered! Almost all the tables ordered this dish as it is the restaurant's signature dish. Served with a generous portion of glass noodles and crabs, the broth was sweet and has a strong pepper and ginger taste. Would be a great comfort food especially when it is raining. Enjoyed eating the fresh juicy crabs too!

Claypot Cheese Prawns
Another signature dish which is served with sizzling goodness! Fresh prawn paired with sourish cheese is an amazing combination that helps to open up the appetite as well. Just by looking at this picture, my mouth is already salivating! I can't wait to go back and have more of this!

Stir fried vegetable...nothing to shout about.

Steamed tofu with soy sauce
Tofu texture wasn't soft. Have tasted better ones....

If you are ever in the area, do drop by and try their famous dishes! I recommend their smoked duck, claypot crab with glass noodles and cheese prawns :D If you don't fancy noodles, you can order the claypot crab with rice. Do call to order in advance to avoid disappointment :)

Kedai Makanan Rasa Lain
69, Persiaran Medan Bercham 2, Pusat Bandar Baru Bercham,
31400 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Tel: 012 512 8407 / 016 503 3800
5PM - 10PM (Closed on Wednesdays)


  1. Claypot crab with glass noodles is their specialty dish? I'll go to Ipoh just for that! :)

    It's a quick drive away anyway. I'll take note of this. Cheers!

  2. I would love to try the clay pot crab with glass noodles and the smoked duck if I go Ipoh! : )

  3. It's really nice ^^ Go and try next time :)

  4. Definitely :) Go for a one day makan trip! Haha

  5. Yup it is their specialty dish. Remember to call in advance! Try their smoked duck too :)

  6. let's make a trip to Ipoh together!

  7. of those weekends? :D Now busy with work though.

  8. ok :D go for one day trip! makan until super full xD

  9. Wah super full?? Nooooo later i become super far neh!