Jun 19, 2013

HiShop May Ambassador Surprise Pack

This marks my second time receiving a variety of handpicked products from HiShop themselves. Let's take a look what is in the May Surprise Pack! *excited*

The usual vouchers. Feel free to use them :) 

Twistband arrived just in time in the May Surprise Pack because my hair tie vanished and I couldn't find them to tie my hair! Twistband is a product originating from US. It's made of soft elastic that keeps the hair secured and at the same time doesn't leave marks on the hair. They have various designs sold at HiShop and it looks cute on the wrists too! Check out here for more designs!

My favourite product out of this month's surprise pack! Jelly Pong Pong's Supermodel Stain is for the lips and cheeks! How convenient :D I got to know about this brand quite a while back because I was looking for an alternative to the Benefit's Benetint. Glad that I finally get to try this because it is amazing!

I love how HiShop chose the right colour for me. Although the red looks really bright from here, it gives a natural finish when applied on. As my skin is quite dull, the cream colour blends well with my skin and gives me a more healthy and fresh look which I absolutely adore. I also apply it on the lips to give it a hint of colour. The mini compact mirror attached it is really convenient especially when there is no mirror around.

Farmasi's All-in-One BB Cream is a moisturizer, anti-aging cream, sunscreen, primer and foundation rolled into one. Perfect for us ladies who is always on the go! It contains macademia oil, vitamin b3, oat extract, argan oil, silk protein, spf 15 and collagen which is beneficial for the skin.

The texture is very lightweight and provides a nice coverage. Depending on your skin, you can wear it own its own, or worn under power, depending on the coverage your are looking for. It has a really nice fragrant to it too!

That's all for HiShop May Ambassador Surprise Pack.
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  1. nowadays have uncountable brand of bb cream deee

  2. the jelly pong pong very red leh.. try it on and take a picture to do review.. :)