Jun 1, 2013

A pair of Havaianas? Yes, please!

Havaianas is a well known flip flop brand originating from Brazil.  The first pair of Havaianas was made in 1962, which was inspired by the Zori, the typical Japanese sandal.  Since then, Havaianas never stopped producing flip flops that set a new wave of trend with their variety of designs.

I have been hearing a lot of good reviews regarding the Havaianas flip fop but never gotten to buying them yet. I love their colourful flip flops which seem to brighten up my mood whenever I visit the store because it is really eye catching and pretty. Their quirky and colourful ads is eye catching, which is a very good marketing strategy to promote the brand :D

Without wasting time, I will jump into the reasons why I would like to own my very first pair of Havaianas as I have been dying to get one since forever!

1) Comfortable
Even though it is just a pair of flip flops, Havaianas is very comfortable to wear and does not hurt the feet when walking long distance. A friend on mine constantly raves about how comfortable Havaianas is as she have been wearing them daily and also during her travels where her feet does not get tired easily. I don't usually wear flip flops as they spoil easily but Havaianas is a brand that is high in quality and comfort which is why I would love to have one!

2) Breathability
Compared to shoes and pumps, Havaianas flip flop allows the feet to breath. Wearing covered shoes often traps the feet in a closed area which can cause odour due to sweat as the weather in Malaysia is quite humid. Plus, bacteria and sweat often gets left behind in shoes and in the end, you'll have to throw the shoe away due to the permanent odour. With Havaianas, it keeps the skin healthy by allowing it to breath and minimizing odour. 

3) Design
I love how Havaianas always have new design that keeps up with the trend and at the same time creating new trends. So far, Havaianas is the flip flop brand that stands out to me as they always have amazing designs that are never boring. Every time I visit Havaianas store, it makes me want to purchase tons of their flip flop as the designs are really pretty and unique.  Unfortunately,  I can't do that. If not, I would be walking with a new pair of Havaianas everyday xD

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