Jun 1, 2013

The Butterfly Project's Spa Party!

The Butterfly Project is having another exciting project coming up this June! It's called the Spa Party and hearing this news made me super excited for what's to come! Look at all the awesome collaborators for this project!

I am sure you have seen me mentioning The Butterfly Project on my blog and social media platform. They are a community consisting of independent beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Having joined a few of Butterfly Project's events, I must say everything is so much fun! It has been a great journey so far, getting to meet new bloggers and also attending lovely events.

Posh! Nail Spa offers manicure and pedicure service , nail extensions and enhancements, as well as waxing and eyelash extensions. I rarely go for mani and pedi session because I am quite a 'rough/clumsy' person where my painted nails often gets damaged accidentally. Still, I would love to have an amazing nail experience with Posh! Nail Spa.  Idea Food Solution provides catering services of yummy canapés, food and many more! How awesome it is to have your tummy filled while getting pampered at the same time?! 

Fotobox is a digital photobooth service provider! Normal photobooth camera are not so high in quality but Fotobox camera is up to 14.4 megapixels with auto exposure and built-in smart flash. With such amazing technology, I can't wait to take loads of fun pictures with all the bloggers during the spa party! Tres Chic The Party Planner is an event company. Based on their portfolio, I can't wait to see the amazing setup for the spa party! Everything is going to look lovely :D

The Body Shop and Johnson & Johnson  are also part of the collaborators which I am excited about! I used the body butter last time and loved it! Heard a lot of great stuff about their brushes too! In fact, I bought one eye shadow brush during The Body Shop's sale and it is really nice. Have been using Johnson and Johnson products for a long time when I was a kid. Love their baby powder, lotion and shampoo. I just only found out that brands like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and Listerine are manufactured or owned by Johnson & Johnson!

Adding on to the many collaborators are Pink N Proper, Timeless Truth , Only Beauty and Havaianas, it adds in to the excitement and I hope that the date for the event is tomorrow already! Time travel? haha...

Bringing in fashionable outfits from the UK, I am anticipating on the things Pink N Proper are preparing for the spa party! After reviewing the mask from Timeless Truth, I fell in love with that brand for their effectiveness. Can't wait to get my skin pampered by TT Masks! Only Beauty is a beauty portal that gives out free samples and has reviews on products. Looking forward to what they will bring to the Spa Party! And lastly, Havaianas, a Brazillian flip-flop brand that offers comfortable and stylist flip-flops!

After introducing all the collaborators for the Spa Party, here are the three reasons why I want to join the party so badly!

The first reason is that ever since I started working, my activities has been greatly reduced and mostly revolve around work, sleep and thinking about work. Joining this spa party will help me break out from the mundane cycle of my current situation. Not to say that my job is boring. I like where I am now, but I need a quick escape to pamper and refresh my body and mind! With this spa party, I would feel rejuvenated and more energetic!

Secondly, is that every girl loves to be pampered! I get to have a relaxing weekend pampering session with a variety of products, service and activities. I hope that my dull and tired looking skin will get to look healthier with the all the pamper and care I get at the Spa Party. It will be a amazing girls day out with the other bloggers, where I can let my hair down and forget about work stress for a day! I look forward to meeting new bloggers and catching up with all the lovely bloggers I have met previously.

Lastly, it is because my birthday falls in the month of June! Can I attend this spa party as my birthday present? Haha...  June would be a very hectic month as well, and I wish that this Spa Party could be a great opportunity for me to have my well deserved break and have an awesome time with fellow bloggers.

*fingers crossed*

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