Dec 10, 2013

M.A.C Fashion Nomad, Innocence & Pleasureseeker Lipstick Review

Earlier this year, I went to the staff sale at Renaissance Hotel and managed to grab 3 M.A.C Lipsticks for only RM60! :D

Below are the lipsticks I bought which were from the previous M.A.C Collections or Limited Edition ones:
1. Fashion Nomad - from the Style Seeker Mattene collection
2. Innocence - from the Glamour Daze collection
3. Pleasureseeker - from Heavenly Creatures collection

[L-R] Fashion Nomad, Innocence and Pleasureseeker


Fashion Nomad: A creamy matte lipstick with an intense bright red orange colour. Its creamy texture allows easy application and does not dry out the lips like most matte lipstick tends to do.

Innocence: A soft coral shade with peach undertones. It has a frosted finish which is absolutely gorgeous if you love the shimmer. Best to apply a layer of lip balm as it is quite drying.

Pleasureseeker: A sheer coral lipstick with glaze formula. It has a subtle pink/nude undertones as well. Good for an everyday look since this lipstick is pretty sheer.

What are your favourite lipsticks from M.A.C?

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