Dec 9, 2013

My Beauty Diary New Upgraded Mask Press Conference 2013

 My Beauty Diary recently launched their upgraded mask with Cosphingo, an type of seaweed which assists the skin to improve moisture and also retaining ability, satisfying your hydration needs from all aspects. 

This patented long-lasting moisturizing ingredient also helps dehydrated skin to regain and mantain its softness and tenderness like a baby's skin. Cosphingo maintains a healthy skin by sealing in water for natural hydration! The series of products is does not contain any paraben preservatives, alcohol, mineral oils, pigments and fluorescent agent.

 With the new upgraded mask, they have also changed their packaging and also logo design. The new Cosphingo mask has 8 range which includes:

1. Hyaluronic Acid (Intensive Hydration)
2. Arbutin (Intensive White)
3. Collagen (Intensive Firming)
4. Aloe (Sooth & Moisturize)
5. Black Pearl (Glowing White)
6. Bird Nest (Utmost Nourishing)
7. Apple (Zero Pore)
8. Pearl Mask (Silky White)

Adorable mini mask for us to test the new Cosphingo mask.

 A volunteer testing out the new mask that has 3D refined tailoring and texture characteristics that fits the chin perfectly, providing optimal adherence and comfort.

The new cloth mask is made of imported high-purity and environmental friendly fibre that largely reduces the effects of impurities on the skin. Its elastic and adherent structure instantly infuses the skin with abundance of moisture.

Group Photo

 The new range of My Beauty Diary Mask with Cosphingo was also available to purchase on that day! They were having some promotions too :)

 Check out the limited edition My Beauty Diary Mask. So cute!

With Ms. May Soo, the Managing Director of Eternal Beauty.

Have been a fan of My Beauty Diary Mask after a friend of mine introduced it to me. I absolutely love that it is very moisturizing. With this newly launched mask with Cosphingo, can't wait to buy more mask from them :D

For more information, visit My Beauty Diary Malaysia's FB Page!

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