Jan 26, 2014

January Beauty Haul

Though I don't purchase beauty products all the time, I think it will be great to share with you on the beauty products that I have collectively purchase throughout this month. My parents went over to the UK for a holiday, so I took the opportunity and asked them to get me some products that is not available here in Malaysia. However, it was during the holiday season so must of the stuff were out of stock, therefore it is quite a small haul :)

1. Lush Angels On Bare Skin Face & Body Cleanser
With natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile and essential oils, I love the smell of this product! The best thing about this cleanser the multipurpose function where it can be used on the face and also the body! It's to be used within 3 months, so probably I would do a review on this :)

2. Lush Soaps
Fruity & sweet scent filled up my room as I opened the packaging. One of it is called Karma and the other one is probably Miranda. Both smells amazingly good and I can't wait to use it after using up the body cleanser!

3. Real Techniques Stippling Brush
This dual fiber stippling brush  creates airbrushed, high definition results with all types of makeup. I use this mostly to apply BB cream as it gives an even application. Sometimes when applying cream blusher, I use this brush to blend the blush properly as well :)

4. Real Techniques Power Brush
Love this big, soft and fluffy power brush that applies on powder evenly!

5. Real Techniques Shading Brush
A really soft brush that is great for blending eyeshadow. I really look forward to getting my hands on more Real Techniques brushes soon!

6. Nivea Visage 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes
Came to know about this product while watching YouTube videos. It was an ad that played for quite a long time which honestly is quite boring. However, I decided to purchase this product from Watsons as it was on sales and the 2 different surfaces of the wipes is really intriguing. Plus, I think it will be great to add another step to my makeup removing regime.

7. Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack
I ran out of eye cream for some time and couldn't decide which brand to go for next. The email from Sephora came just in time as they featured this product in their newsletter. For RM81, I think this eye cream is really reasonable and the gel texture is lightweight which I really like because I am not suited for heavy moisturizing eye cream.

8. NYX Retractable Lip Liner
Decided to try out lip liner since I did not have one before! Plus, NYX is quite affordable so I bought one in Sephora from RM19. Retractable is great since I don't need to sharpen it constantly, but with retractable I think it will loose its shape in time as well. Oh well, there are pros and cons!

That is all for my January beauty haul! What beauty products did you get?


  1. All of these look amazing! I am so curious about the exfoliating wipes! :D


  2. lucky u..i hope my parents can get lush for me too..but they only have a short stay...

  3. It's quite handy actually :D Love to use it when I am wearing heavier makeup to cleanse the face thoroughly!

  4. Hopefully they will be able to get some products for you :)

  5. Great haul ! Everyone is posting abt lush but yet i have yet to try.. hmmm do let me know how it is ya ! :D

  6. wow so many just for january one month! if is a year you could open a mini shop! =p

  7. omg, always wanted for the techniques brush & the Lush product! Lucky you babe! Cant wait for your review!

  8. could you please make a review on the eye cream soon??hihi. http://azwaa.blogspot.com

  9. Hahaha...not so kua jiong lah! If every month buy like that no $$ liao lo xD

  10. Thanks :D Did you get anything this month?

  11. Should get the Real Techniques brush! Really nice ^^

  12. hows the eye cream? review please.. ;) and i have the nyx retractable lip liner, in red, I love it! :D