May 7, 2014

Mary Quant Beauty Workshop

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Mary Quant is a British fashion designer and a fashion icon. Hailed as the originator of mini skirt, she expand her brand further, where during the 1960s, she launched Mary Quant Cosmetics. Her products are encased in black, white, and silver packaging embellished with her signature daisy. The daisy actually symbolizes the freedom of women brought about by Mary Quant, who continues creating concepts of beauty by defying stereotypes. Her think-out-of-the-box approach and outrageous fashion sense and designs cause a revolution, not only in her own country, but also worldwide.

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Thanks to Manoah, I got to attend their makeup workshop last weekend! It was held in their office in Damansara Uptown. Was so excited to see many makeup products laid out on the table when I arrived! Everything looks so pretty and colourful :)

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We were introduced to Ms. Takaki, makeup artist from Mary Quant Cosmetics. A model was also present for her to demonstrate the application of the products.

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Starting of with a cleansed face, you will have to prep your skin with toner, moisturizer and emulsion to keep your skin moisturized and soft.

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After that, apply makeup base to ensure your makeup stays longer!

Mary Quant has two version of makeup base, which is Oil Zap and Moisture Zap. Oil Zap is a type of makeup base that provides a dry, matte finish by controlling shine produced by excess sebum. It gives the skin a fine and soft texture by covering up the pores. Moisture Zap on the other hand, provides moisture and enhances blood circulation where the skin looks naturally smooth and firm. 

Both makeup based can be used on the face, but not at the same area. The Oil Zap can be used at the T-Zone as it is usually more oily compared to the other areas of the face. The Moisture Zap will be used on the dryer area of the face like the cheeks. This actually gives a healthy and dewy finish!

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The eye area is also important as it has a tendency to be dry. While providing moisture, Mary Quant's Eye Gloss also covers dark circles and dullness, while making the eye colours come out brightly as it provides a light beige coverage. It can be used on the eye lids to cover any discolouration.

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The Smoo Make Power Foundation is next, where the highly moisturizing powder foundation controls the lights and creates the ideal skin colour, texture and three-dimensional appearance. The foundation gently covers visible pores and dull skin colour, creating radiant, firm, and smooth skin.

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There are 8 shades of the powder foundation and I got Ms. Takaki to help me in selected my foundation colour. Since my skin is quite fair, it was between Y-01 and Y-10. I selected Y-10 as it gave a more natural finish, whereas Y-01 gives a brighter and more shimmery finish.

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Next up is applying concealer to cover up pimples or dark circles that was not covered by the foundation.

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Set the base with Mary Quant Loose Face Powder to make your skin appear brighter and fine textured. The velvety corpuscular powder makes pores and fine lines less noticeable. It prevents makeup from running and provides a long lasting beautiful finish.

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After completing the base makeup, it is time to play with colours! Mary Quant Eye Opener is a powder eye shadow that is pigmented and gives a velvety and smooth finish. We used the pink and purple palette during the workshop, and of course they have other colour palettes as well. The white/ivory eyeshadow was use as a base colour. The rest of the purple and pinks were used at both inner and outer corner of the eyes to create depth and different looks by colour mixing.

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*pic credit to Jacqueline*
The key to achieving a smooth colour and transition is blending! It is to prevent any harsh lines from the eyeshadow, so blend away!

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*pic credit to Jacqueline*
Give your eyes a more defined shape by using the Mary Quant Out Line. It works as a eye and lip pencil that enables greater freedom to play with colours! This liner is waterproof and impervious to tear and perspiration that gives a beautiful finish that lasts for a long time.

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Look at all the lovely colours from Mary Quant Action Lashings! There are seven colours in total and the unique thing about this mascara is the dual sided Coil and Chip Brush. It features a short raised bristle on one side, where the Oil Gel Formula gives the mascara its elasticity, creating the sharp and spectaularly long lashes. I choose the rose coloured one! :)

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*pic credit to Jacqueline*
Since thick eyebrows is the trend nowadays, draw your brows with Mary Quant Brow Line! If you already have thick eyebrows, just fill up the gaps :) When drawn on, this eyebrow pencil glides on the skin smoothly and it gives a soft and natural finish.

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Before applying lipstick, it's best to moisturize your lips with Mary Quant Lip Bouncer so that your lipstick will be able to glide on smoothly!

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Mary Quant Moisture Rich Lipstick comes in 20 shades (in Malaysia)! Chose my favourite bright red lipstick to complete the look :) Since I am going for a soft finish, I used a lip brush so that the red won't turn out too strong, but instead gives a lovely and soft red colour. 

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Before and After!

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It was definitely a fun session by Ms. Takaki and I enjoyed the tips and her guidance on the makeup products!

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Selfie session with Jennifer, Calista, Julie and Yeeing

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With Kelly and Jenn

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With Janice, Cik Lily Putih and Jacqueline

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With all the beauty bloggers that attended the workshop!

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Mary Quant cosmetics can be found in MUSE by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid!

For more information, visit Mary Quant Malaysia's:
Website | Facebook

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