May 9, 2014

Mini Flight Night at Prodigy KL ft. Mr Fluff!

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Every Friday night at Prodigy KL, Filth Fortune will be the theme of the night where awesome beats are played for a awesome party experience with the ever energetic Mr. Fluff dishing out the both EDM and commercial heats. However, last Friday it was a changed of theme, where Mini Flight Night took its course with Mr. Fluff! It was in conjunction with the Red Bull Flight Night which will lead up to the Flight Night party in Genting Highlands this week!

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Drinks of the night were vodka and Red Bull!

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With Cindy, Kah Mon, Su Yin, Jackie and Benjamin. Enjoyed our drinks while waiting for the rest to arrive. The night started off slow with us chatting and taking selfies. After having a couple of drinks, everyone was up dancing to the music!

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With Yuh Jiun

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Kah Mon joined this time!

 photo IMG_5167-2.jpg
With Jackie and Benjamin!

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With Cindy

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It was a really fun night and meeting up with the bloggers that I have not seen for some time. I don't think I have ever partied with them till this extent and it was a whole loads of fun! :)

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More selfies as the party goes on!

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There was a celebration at the next table as well with champagne and bottle sparklers that made the crowd exited!

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Enjoying my glass of champagne ;)

 photo IMG_5195-2.jpg
With Benjamin whose face was red as a lobster!

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*pic credits to Jackie Loi*
With Su Yin and Jackie

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Thanks Don for the invite!

Experience the lavish party culture every Friday night at Prodigy KL with Filth Fortune featuring awesome music by Mr. Fluff! Love it when he plays and the night keeps getting better with all the dancing! Admission for guys is RM48 and RM38 for the ladies which includes one drink!

Prodigy KL
No. 1, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 2141 9998
9 AM - 3PM on Wednesday till Sunday

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