May 11, 2015

[Review] Sudio TVÅ Earphones

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Sudio - an earphone brand originating from Sweden. The name Sudio came about when one of the founders spotted musician Phil Collins in New York having problems with his headphone. Similar to the frustration most headphone users are having, the founder couldn't offer any better solution at that moment to Phil and could only utter out his sentiments which were: "trust me I know the feeling". The name sudio is an homage to Phil Collins song Sussudio.

I was very fortunate to receive a pair of TVÅ earphones from Sudio which was delivered to me all the way from Sweden! Sudio has two products which is Klang, specially for Apple products and the TVÅ which is suitable for all smartphones & tablets. Check out what's inside the box!

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Packaged nicely in a box, it comes with an owner's manual, 1 year warranty card and a quick start guide. The boxes are designed in a minimal yet elegant way. 

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Inside the packaging also comes with a genuine leather carrying case which is a plus point as I get to keep my earphones neatly into the casing without any worry of damaging the earphones. Embossed with Sudio's logo, the gold button definitely adds sophistication to the casing.

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Not forgetting the TVÅ earphones which is packed nicely into the box and comes with a metal clip which is very useful to clip the wire onto your outfit if you don't want the wires to swing around when you are on the move. Most importantly, you can also reach out to your earphones easily when it is clipped onto the outfit. 

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TVÅ is Swedish for number "two" which represents the synergy between  bass and treble. The earphones allow air to enter the ear  channel for those who prefer the spatial experience. It comes in four colours which is brown, orange, black and white. I went with the white as it is the colour that easily compliments the outfit no matter what colour or pattern. Also, I fell in love with the gold details on the earphones. Its timeless elegant design is suitable for every day and every event.

Sudio earphones are mostly handmade for most part of the production process as they value the importance of craftmanship.

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What's different about the TVÅ is that the plug is L-shaped, which is designed to fit perfectly into the pocket. Compared to those vertical/straight up plugs that most of my earphones have, the L-shaped plug does not poke me whenever I sit down.

It also has an extremely light weight construction, making the earphones easy and comfortable to wear. The earphones, despite it being light weight, drives a powerful 14.2mm dynamic driver which is perfectly tuned for music lovers.

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This is the one button that serves as a multipurpose remote for you to:
  • Play & pause music (1 click)
  • Answer & reject phone call (1 click - but when rejecting a phone call, you'll need to hold onto the button longer)
  • Skip to next music (2 clicks)
  • Skip to previous music (3 clicks)
Behind the button is also a mic for you to speak through during a phone call :)

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I've been using the earphones for over a month now and I am still in love with it! The quality of the sound is really good where the bass and treble is well balanced and I could go on listening to music for hours and be absorbed into my own little world. I brought it along with me during my Taiwan trip and used it to listen to some music before I go to sleep. The clarity of the sound helps me soak up all the lovely music and relax further.

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TVÅ retails at RM149 for is really value for money if you ask me. The design & quality is great and it's fashionable too! I also don't have to worry about the cords tangling and bring it where ever I go as TVÅ is made of flat anti-tangle cord.

Sudio provides FREE worldwide shipping when you purchase through their website at So hurry over now! Also, here is a special discount code for you! Just key in Lichuen15 upon your checkout to receive 15% off your purchase :)

For more information on Sudio, you can visit their:


  1. Love love love the photos babe! :D Think imma get one of these headphones for myself too. Btw, followed you!

  2. Thanks! You should definitely get one for yourself :)