May 8, 2017

Pancake Weekend



It was a sunny morning after my weekend hike. Instead of the usual breakfast, I decided to spruce it up a little since I had a jar of granola left. Usually I would have the granola with yogurt and fruits but since I had a little more free time than usual, I thought why not mix the granola with pancake? 

Did a little research on Google and found a simple recipe online. Instead of making the pancake the old fashioned way, I was lazy used a pancake mix and added in the egg and milk accordingly for the batter. After that, I just mix in the granola accordingly :)

The Lavender Honey Granola I gotten from Amazin'Graze made the pancake extra YUMMY as the heat from the pancake enhanced the taste of the granola especially the lavender. Usually I get bored with pancake quickly as the taste it pretty one dimensional. But with granola in the mix, the pancake has more texture and depth to it! I also drizzled some honey for extra sweetness.

Personally I love waffles more than pancake. I think putting in granola in the waffle mix could work too. Since I do not have a waffle maker, I shall put this to test in the future! :)

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