May 31, 2017

The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Party with Jerlynn'L

BP Bday
Picture by Eros Si (
Butterfly Project turns 4 this year! As usual there is a celebration held to commemorate the milestone achieved with the Butterfly Project bloggers. I did not miss the chance to get my invitation too since it has been a while that I have met up with them :)

Yellow & floral headband was the theme and everyone dressed up! Was contemplating what to wear and I manage to find a yellow top to suit the colour theme :) The party was held at Hello Deer at Damansara Uptown. 

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Picture by Eros Si (
There was a gift box placed infront of everyone with the Jerlynn'L ribbon on it! 

Jerlynn'L is the sponsor for the Butterfly Project Birthday Party. Inspired by the male Chidori bird which spends a big part of its life away from the family in search of a safe place to build the family nest, the father bird would give his life to raise his family and protect them from predators.

Just like the story above, Jerlynn'L was created by a father who wanted to protect and provide daily care products for his previous children. The founder of Jerlynn'L realized that the best way was to create quality, customised child-safe and paraben free products.

BP Bday
Tammy, the Butterfly Project Mama-san giving an opening speech.

BP Bday
Representative from Jerlynn'L educating us about the brand and products.

Jerlynn'L products is universal a.k.a suitable for all age groups. It is a product for a complete family ranging from products suitable for babies and those suitable for adults. Jerlynn'L uses colours to guide users especially kids on the usage of their products. Blue is for body use, green for hair and red is red alert which needs adult supervision when using. All of Jerlynn'L products are made in Korea and it is paraben free.

Plants & herbs extract is one of the main ingredients in Jerlynn'L products. Using the highest grade of essential oil to bring in the fragrance to the product, children can use the products without harm. Jerlynn'L products also contains 4x Ceramide III to help attract and retain moisture in skin plus helps to improve the skin's elasticity.

BP Bday
Picture by Eros Si (
Everyone got to open their presents after the session. Look at my happy face...haha. Did a live session on Instagram showing the products I got from Jerlynn'L.

BP Bday
Products I got from Jerlynn'L are:
Body Wash - Plants & Herbs Extract (500ml) @ RM 119
Hair Wash Scalp Care (300ml) @ RM 79
Bugs No More (100ml) @ RM 49
Daily Moisture Lotion (100ml) @ RM49
Hair Conditioner & Detangler - Plants Extract (100ml) @ RM79
Face Moisture Soothing Cream (50ml) @ RM 119

BP Bday
Picture by Eros Si (

All the Butterflies unite!

BP Bday BP Bday

Picture by Eros Si (
Food & desserts are a must during a party! The food was delicious and it was great to sit down and catch up with the bloggers :)

BP Bday

So far, I have used 4 out of 6 products given by Jerlynn'L and these are my thoughts of them:
  • Hair Wash Scalp Care: As the weather in Malaysia is very humid, my hair gets oily very fast especially during crazy hot weathers! With this scalp care shampoo, I love the cooling/minty effect it has on my scalp which makes my hair feels more refreshed :)
  • Hair Conditioner & Detangler: I usually use this after my hair wash. As my hair is very thick, I tend to need more pumps and due to the pump being small, it was quite annoying for me to pump like 10 times.
  • Daily Moisture Lotion: The lotion is lighweight and not heavy or sticky. The lavender scent is calming too! I usually use it on the upper body as my legs are pretty dry which needs a more moisturizing cream. This lotion is good for daily use.
  • Bugs No More: This is very handy for me as I am the type of person who attract mozzies like crazy! At camps or hiking, all the mosquitoes and bugs will attack me first :( With this, I can just spray it every 2 hours to keep the bugs away!
Some of the products are at 50-100ml which makes it super convenient for traveling! I will bring some over during my trip to Japan next week!

For more information about Jerlynn'L, do visit their
Website | Facebook Page

p.s: Enjoy 20% off with purchase of any normal price items and experience a complimentary Hand Paraffin Treatment (worth RM 107) by showing the unique code of 'JerlynnL17' to the personal care consultant at Jerlynn'L outlet.

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