Dec 24, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 - Review & Swatches

When I saw a post on Facebook that Urban Decay was launching another Naked palette, I was beyond excited! The reason being that I was immediately sold to the new colours. I do not own the Naked palette 1 or 2 because I felt that the dark eyeshadows does not compliment me as it makes me look really tired. However, with the new Naked 3 palette, I fell in love with them because it has more rose pink hues which I will brighten up my eyes compared to the previous two palette.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette 3 was launched in Malaysia on 12th December at Sephora. I immediately went to the store in the morning to get my hands on one :D Naked 3 is sold at RM188 in Sephora.

The light weight, rose gold metal casing looks really lovely with the 'waves' pattern embedded across the casing. Besides that, the metal casing reminds me of the metal pencil case used when I was a kid ;)

A week's worth of primer potion sample is also included in the box for you to try out!

Look at how gorgeous the eyeshadows are! A dual ended brush is also included for eyeshadow application and blending. This brush is really soft and picks up a fair amount of eyeshadow :D

With 12 gorgeous shades in this palette, it consists of 3 mattes and the rest are shimmer/metallics. Now, for the close up of the shades!


Strange / Dust / Burnout / Limit / Buzz / Trick


Nooner / Liar / Factory / Mugshot / Darkside / Blackheart

Swatches for your reference :D
The top picture is how it will look under direct sunlight and the bottom one is slightly away from sunlight. These shades are pigmented and easy to apply on. I love that all the colours are easily blendable where I get to mix around different shades to create different looks.

Words in bold are shades description taken from Temptalia and the rest are my personal opinion :)

Strange: "Pale neutral pink matte-satin". To me it looks more like a matte beige with pink undertones which is great for highlighting under the brows or used as a base colour for the lid.

Dust: "Pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter". Fell in love with this colour but it wasn't as pigmented as I thought it would be. It would be perfect if the shade is more pigmented. The micro-glitter is lovely but the glitters are prone to fallouts, so you will have to dust the glitters off your face. I usually use this for the inner corners of the eyes.

Burnout: "Light pinky-peach satin". One of my favourite shade that has a gorgeous shimmery shade. It's a good eyeshadow for the centre of the lids.

Limit: "Light dusty rose matte". A nice shade of light brown with pink undertones. I usually use this on the crease or the outer lid.

Buzz: "Metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter". Gorgeous metallic rose colour that I absolutely love! Very pigmented and great for all types of application, be it base colour or inner lid.

Trick: "Light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-glitter". Lovely gold metallic shade with is perfect for Christmas makeup or night events :)

Nooner: "Medium pinky-brown matte". A matte brown shade that is great as transition colour or to define to crease.

Liar: "Medium metallic mauve shimmer". Looks quite similar to Nooner with the rich brown shade except that is has a metallic finish.

Factory: "Pinky-brown satin". Warm brown shade with pink shimmers. The pink shimmers are quite hard to see unless you look at it up close.

Mugshot: "Metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift". A gorgeous metallic taupe with amazing texture.

Darkside: "Deep taupe-muave satin". Have yet to explore this shade but I think it would be great for smokey eye effect.

Blackheart: "Smokey black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle". Those reddish pink glitter really looks amazing on the palette, but I wish the glitters would stand out more during application. Not a colour that I will use often.

So far, these are the two looks that I went for by using different shades in the Naked 3 palette. Can't wait to play around with the other shades as well ;D

My current favourite shades are Burnout, Buzz, Trick & Liar. This palette is really versatile as the shades are suitable for every day use or for night time to glam up for events or parties! The left half of the palette are the pink & brighter tones and the right side move towards the brown hues and darker makeup look for smokey eyes.

Have you gotten your hands on the Naked 3 palette yet?


  1. Ya, let's see you in "Naked". LOL.

  2. Applied the Naked eyeshadow on the eyes d! :P

  3. Love all the colors!! They look nice on you =)

  4. awesome! the swatches are tempting me to buy it :) new follower here. do visit my blog

  5. you look NAKED ! hahahaha.. I havent get mine yet ! so jealous of you...

  6. The colour tone really nice for daily use, seems like a must have list for my collection already ><